Saturday, November 26, 2016

A place for baby Abigail...

I have spent the last few months since the baby was born reorganizing my craft room to make room for baby Abigail. I know it sounds like I thing I should have done before she was born but it never happened. She has been enjoying life in bassinets, swings, and rock n plays. A baby with no bed of her own!! So sad. As she has been getting bigger it's become apparent that we could not keep her in a bassinet much longer. Last week my mom was visiting so I utilized the time to get things done so we could get the baby in her crib. 

My ironing board used to be here and my rod to hang my quilts.

I also moved around my craft table/desk and sewing table. So now this is what it looks like. Sooo clean and organized at the moment. I figured photographic evidence was necessary.



I have also been working on a string quilt to slash through my scraps. I have finished up all the string blocks and just have to trim up about half. I scored some new blades for my rotary cutter at a black friday sale at Joann fabrics. So I should have them trimmed up shortly. It turns out one quilt is not going to make a dent in my scrap stash.

I have been debating on the layout of the blocks. The star layout would have low volume blocks in the corners. The quilt would have 4 stars. 

It would be similar to the quilt I made for Mirabelle about a year ago. Although the individual blocks were only 5" and the current quilt has an 8" block.

I also looked at a zig zag pattern or a string block diamonds

 I'm not sure of the final layout. At present I have enough blocks for the 4 star layout.

Last but not least I wanted to remind everyone about the Santa Stash Swap.

I haven't had a chance to spread the word too much. You can still sign up until 11/28!!!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Santa's Stash Swap

 I know I personally end up with extra fabric at the end of most of my quilting projects. In some cases I see something I love or that is on sale and grab it up but haven't found a project for it and it's sitting in my stash. Other times I buy a fabric and think it's the right one and get home and change my mind. Some quilts get more than one backing before I decide which way to go. I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. In any event this is a swap for people with extra stash that they would like to shake up.

I am hoping that this one will turn out well and will be a lot of fun!! For this swap you can choose what you would like to send, and what you would like to receive. The options are 4 fat quarters or an 8 oz bag of scraps. 

This is a Secret Santa style swap. Meaning that the person you send to is not necessarily the person who will send a package to you. The guidelines are as follows.

  • The swap is open to participants in the USA only to keep shipping costs low.
  • You will send your package by a method that includes a tracking number.(USPS first class parcel includes tracking if mailed from the post office I believe.)
  • All fabric should be quilt shop quality fabric. 
  • Send good quality fabric that you would want to receive. 
  • If choosing the scrap option make sure pieces are at least 2.5" in every direction and no larger than a fat quarter (18" x 22")
  • If choosing the fat quarter option make sure they are 18" x 22" each.
  • If you would like to participate please send the following information to by 11/26/2016.
    • What you will send (4 fat quarters or 8 oz of scraps)
    • What you would like to receive (4 fat quarters or 8 oz of scraps)
    • What types of fabrics you like, be as specific as possible to help your partner.
      • Example: I like red and blue fabrics, I am working on an eye spy quilt right now and could use some more fabrics. My favorite fabrics are Robert Kaufmann and Riley Blake. I don't like yellows and gold. I don't like floral fabrics or 1930's reproductions.
    • And finally include your name and mailing address.
  • I will send your Secret Santa information to you and their wish list by 11/28/2016.
    • Pick, package and mail to your Secret Santa by 12/17/2016 to hopefully receive by Christmas.
      • Make sure that you do your best to follow the wish list of who you are sending to. The idea is to swap from within your stash so get as close as you can to their wishes. You can shop for fabric if you would like to, or if you need a reason to go to a quilt shop.
    • Post the goodies you receive at the Santa Stash Swap Flickr page.

    ***The bag in the picture weighs 8.57 oz and fills a quart size ziploc bag pretty snuggly. This quart size ziploc bag empty weights 1/4 oz. Make sure to check your weight on a kitchen scale or at the post office. Quilting cotton weighs about 5-6 oz per yard, and batiks are about 4 oz per yard. So know that batik heavy scrap bags will take a little more to get to 8 oz.***

    Can't wait to get to swapping!