Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May block for the Nurture Circle of do.good.stitches

Ladies we will be creating a nested star block this month for our quilt. We will be utilizing a tutorial from Dairy of a Quilter. I recently made a baby quilt using these blocks.

The color palette for this quilt is drawn from a fabric inspiration, Art Gallery Wonderful Things Canvas Aquarelle Study Wash Fabric. I created a digital palette to give a better ideas of the colors we are looking for.


The colors range from pale peach to punch , pale pink to raspberry, light grey blue to navy (no teal). You can also include white and low volume fabrics that feature pink, peach and blue and grey.

To start you are going to pick 4 fabrics for the block (we are making one 16 inch block). Make sure to audition your fabrics to see how the colors will play in the block. You want to verify that each fabric will stand up well against the fabrics next to it and not blend together.

Now to start cutting.

Fabric A - Center Star:  1 - 2.5" square
                                       4 - 2" squares
Fabric B - 2nd Star:       1 - 3.25" square
                                       4 - 1.5" squares
                                       4 - 3" squares
Fabric C - 3rd Star:        1 - 5.25" square 
                                       4 - 2.5" squares
                                       4 - 5" squares
Fabric D - Background: 1 - 9.25" square 
                                       4 - 4.5" squares

Use the following tutorial and fabrics highlighted in yellow to create a 4.5" star (4" finished) on the chart above.

This will give you a 4.5" star that will be used as the center of your growing block. Continue to create a star again, with the 4.5" star as the center and the instructions for the 8"x 8" block (purple highlighted fabrics).

Finally you will take the 8.5" double star and utilize it as the center for your last round (16" block), utilizing the green highlighted fabrics.

This will produce one triple star block

For the second step you will utilize the same tutorial to create 2 - 4.5" star blocks. This time using white or low volume fabrics (with grey, pink, peach, or blue) for the background and the center star should be pink, peach or blue-grey.

Your finished blocks should look something like this.

Please ship to the address listed in the email. Thanks Dhia