Sunday, May 1, 2016

Nuture Do.Good.Stitches-Hollywood Squares!

It's my month again as the quilter for the Nuture Do.Good.Stitches circle. I haven't finished March's quilt yet but I got some blocks very late! It's on my list of things to do. This months block should be quick and easy. Most of the instructions are on fabric choices and seam direction.

First go through your scrap bin and gather all your strips and strings, bold colors and black fabrics. No white if at all possible. No pastels! The strips should be 1.25"-2.5" wide. If you don't have scraps then jump into your stash.

For this quilt each participant is going to make 2 block, finishing at 12.5" square.  The first block starts with a 2.5" square of bold fabric. Sew a string/strip 1.25"-2.5" to 2 sides of the square,
Press the seams toward the surrounding ring and then trim down to the width of the central square,
Sew the same fabric to the remaining two sides of the square, press to the outside, and trim down.

The resulting square should look like this.

We will continue adding rings to the block in the pattern of a traditional courthouse square block.

-If you are using busy prints alternate rings with solid or tone on tone prints.
-Center should be 2.5" before sewing
-Rings should be 1.25"-2.5" before sewing
-Finished blocks should be 12.5"
-One block should have a black center
-One block will have a black final ring
-All other parts should be bold colored fabrics.
-No/Minimal white
-No pastels
-Press all seams to the outside.