Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blogger BOM June - Summer already????

Today is the June installment of Blogger BOM. You may be saying to yourself this year just started how did we get to June! I feel the same way, 2013 is flying by. I am way behind on my blocks but vow to catch up this weekend and share the pretties with you soon.  The presenter today is Erin of Billy Button Design! The block she created is nameless but I love it! So many great fabrics with multiple cute fussy cut choices in it, Now you can enjoy them all in one block. Or this is also a great block for using up extras from your scrap bin. To see Erin's tutorial click here.

I am always inspired by Erin's photos. I need to have her give me some lessons!

As always I am giving away some goodies.....I've been on a fabric diet and this fabric reminds me not to scan those barcodes... The winner will receive one yard of the fabric below...

To win be a follower and leave a message below on how you stick to your fabric diets. The winner will be picked on 6/25/13.

Here is a list of all the participants of the BOM
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I have also started a Flickr group to show off all the pretties you make.
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If you would like to donate any blocks you make during this blog hop please mail them to the address below.
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  1. I'm hopeless at fabric diets! I can tell myself I'm not buying any fabric for a month or whatever then I see a special deal or a new line from a favourite line and it's in my virtual basket! Fabric diets were so much easier before online shopping!

  2. My favorite way to keep my fabric diet is to win fabric prizes -- no points for the things I win, lol. The only way to avoid buying fabric is to avoid shopping, or avoid looking on line, or avoid reading my favorite blogs . . . in other words, HOPELESS! :) (I am a follower)

  3. I try hard, but it is painful!

  4. I already am a follower and like my food diets, sometimes I slip and then climb back on my desired fiber take ins. (Both in the food & fabric areas, LOL ).

  5. Hi!!! I love the block for this month and you are so right about the pics they are great!!!! I am still fairly new to quilting so no diets yet!!!! I am still collecting for my stash!!!!

  6. We are newly retired, so we watch our income more than we used to. I went through all my fabrics and rearranged them so I know exactly what fabrics I have. I plan projects accordingly. I also enter a
    lot of blog giveaways. I have been lucky to win some great fabrics and even some thread. I have only
    bought some muslin that I needed for my last quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!


  7. I love the block and the fabric! I just started my first fabric diet and I'm failing miserably!! I planned on stocking up on all I needed for a few projects and then not buying any more until I got all those done. Seems reasonable, but then I came up with a few more projects I needed to do and then I remembered a few quilts I promised to other people and thus blown. My only consolation is that I almost never buy just for stash, it's always for a project in the planning stages.

  8. I follow you on Bloglovin! Lately in order to try and not blow my budget, I've been only buyng fabric for A) a specific project that I absolutely can't finish with anything in my stash B) Super on-sale fabrics that are solids or must-haves

  9. I also am on a fabric diet. To resist temptation, I continuously reorganize my stash and admire all the pretty fabric, I already have.

  10. A fabric diet is almost as difficult as a food diet. I find planning my projects carefully helps. The fact I also have very little space to store fabric is a big incentive to only buy what I need for projects.

  11. That bar code fabric is so unique! It would be great in a scrappy quilt -- I love when there are interesting prints to find when looking at the quilt. I'm terrible at fabric diets! If I didn't have a computer with all the links to fabric temptation it might be easier.

  12. Love the fabric! My fabric diet is that I am new to quilting (not to sewing, just quilting) and so I haven't gotten into the habit of buying just for stash. I buy for projects and try to figure out the true amount of fabric needed and not just go by the patterns list of fabric requirements. (it seems most patterns recommend 1/4-1/2 yd more fabric per color than really necessary).