Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another one bites the dust!

Last week was our one year House-A-Versairy (made up words I know). Over the past year since we have moved I have been working on my craft room. Refinishing the floors, painting, buying and hating many sets of curtains, rugs and furniture have been purchased and assembled. So much time and money has been spent working on this room and alas I am not yet done. I am close! I just have fabric to put away and design wall and quilt hanger to hang. Once the finishing touches are in place I will post pictures. 

During this process I have come across a number of WIP's that were shoved away with the best of intentions of completion some day. I decided that enough is enough and have started wrapping them up for good.

This quilt is for one of my step daughters. I have had the stars done for some time but couldn't decide on the layout. The more I tried the more I hated it. I bought several different fabrics to use as solid blocks in between the stars but could never decide on one I liked. I decided to switch gears and start sewing in a direction I thought I would like. The final top is not the original vision or even the 5th vision but I think it works well and isn't too busy. I may add another strip of fabric to the top and bottom for length, as of now the quilt is 72" x 82". Once it is quilted I am going to lose some in both directions. Now to pick the backing fabric (I have several good choices) and quilt it up. I just have to keep reminding myself that its only fabric and no one is as critical as I am.

It did remind me how much I love my fancy new Janome that I got last year for Christmas. These blocks were made on my old Bernina. The stitching is not nearly as nice on the old girl and the piecing was starting to come apart at the edges. As a side note look at the shiny, beautiful refinished floors! We have 4 bedrooms down and one to go! Thanks to my husband for all his hard work on the house this last year. 

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do.Good.Stitches Nurture August Final Pics

Here are the final pictures of the August quilt for the do.Good.stitches Nurture circle. It has been washed and bound for a minute but the weather has  been less than cooperative in Ohio.
I shared a tutorial for this star here. This will be headed to My Very Own Blanket in good old Ohio.
Here are pictures of the bug happy print I picked for the backing fabric. 
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Slow and steady......

I've been plugging along on my hexie stars. It is my newest hand carry scrap quilt project. I am using quilt Pati's and haven't joined these together yet as I still have template pieces. I showed these to my mother a few weeks ago and the first thing she said was I hate the purple one. Ahhhhh I know mom, I know there isn't enough contrast between the fabrics. I decided since she said something unprovoked that it wasn't just my own brand of crazy, it was at very least a genetic defect.  
I took apart the purple star and added pink fabric and it looked much better. I also had the blue star (now with the orange fabric) originally had the fabric around it that is now surrounding the red star. It also didn't have enough contrast and was picked apart. On the plus side the templates make it easy to recycle the pieces into another star. I'm at 10 stars. By my math I can make another 10 before I have to start joining them to get some template pieces back. Unless I have lost some in my travels or decide to buy more the next time I am in Columbus. All are valid options....Happy Monday! 
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

This block makes me want to punch a puppy.....

This is the October block for the Nurture circle of Do.Good.Stitches. It is a Moda bakeshop pattern and you can find it here. When I first saw the pattern I thought kick ass, I really like it...and I do, but it has so many pieces. My circle was making the smallest one, so 64 2" squares. So many HST, so much trimming and much piecing. Let me be honest this is an eye crossing, swear spewing, time consuming block. Looks great when you are finished and I think if I I was making one of the bigger ones it would be much more rewarding. These are finished and going in the mail. Maybe one day I will make the big one but for now I need a break from this pattern. God speed evil blocks, may you make a beautiful quilt for a lucky foster kiddo. 

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***No puppies were punched in the making of these blocks***

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday finishes a touch late......

 Finished up last months blocks for the Nurture circle of do.good.stitches. Unfortunately the solids I had on hand were mostly pastels. 

I went back to the fabric store and bought some bolder solids, I still hate red and pink together and couldn't put them in the same block.

Last but not least I finished the sashing on the blocks from August do.good.stutches and put together the top. I will need to quilt it up.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Keep on tinkering.......

I started making HST for this quilt. Originally it was intended to be all blue and low volume fabrics. I didn't have a strong reason as to why but I saw this quilt at Sew Crafty Jess and loved it.

As the stack of HST grew I started adding purple fabrics and playing with the layouts. 

I even tried the crazy no plan lay out that made my eye twitch. We started refinishing our floors last week and I lost my layout area. I have a bad habit of not planning out the number of pieces needed for a quilt and ending up with way too many. I was trying to avoid that and I had no floor space or design wall to work with so I started sewing. I also added green to the mix at some point.

I wasn't paying close enough attention and changed the layout some, so the seems in the colored areas are all running parallel instead of making squares. I think the colors it ended up with look lighter and more youthful. I'm still on the fence so to speak but I am not ripping apart these blocks!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

That's all I have to say about that......

I was the quilter last month for the Nurture circle of the Do. good.stitches circle. I picked this star that has no name as of yet. Summer star, Squash blossom star......It doesn't matter. All the blocks have arrived at my house. I have completed sewing together column 1 and 3, the other two should come together quickly. It needs to get finished and off the floor as we are scheduled to sand the floors this weekend and it will be returned to use as a bedroom.

I also completed my blocks for September do.good.Stitches. Turns out my stash does still need more fabric. It is lacking solids. I almost never buy solids and the ones I do have came from swaps and scrap bags. I am going to redo these with bold colors, red, pink, orange, and purple. To the fabric store! 

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