Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Organized like a Dusseldorf bus schedule

Over the weekend I had some time to sew sew sew. When I got back on the sewing wagon I didn't just start one WIP, I started like 4. So here is some progress on two of them. 

I was able to make some more HST for this quilt. I am still not set on the layout so I am just sewing and waiting for the spirit to move me. I am however running out of floor. Our September house goal is to refinish the floors in half our upstairs. Then I can have my sewing room set up and I can get off my knees.

I briefly thought why be so structured, why not just throw all the HST in a bin and randomly lay them out. Then I had a panic attack and had to rock myself back to sanity while breathing into a paper bag. I need the planning and structure, otherwise it drives me mad, mad I tell you. Granted I never work from a pattern and I love making scrap quilts, but there has to be a theme, color theme or general design or I start getting twitchy.

In accordance to Murphy's law the instructions for the September do.good.stitches quilt came out and it is exactly what is below. Random HST and to make me extra twitchy pink and red together. I am going to need to be medicated to make the blocks for the quilt this month. But I am going to embrace my crazy and move on!

Then to soothe myself I put the HST together in this pattern. Oh yeah that's better!

Since we are redoing our bedroom I thought it was time to make a quilt for our bed. I also thought that my scrap bin is out of control. In an attempt to solve both problems I started working on this quilt in the style of a Spring cleaning quilt I saw here. I have been working with all pastels for the stars and low volume for the background. I have one full star done and alot of middle pieces. I have to get working on the points. Unfortunately working with scraps leads to smaller scraps, but that is a project for later.

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  1. I'm still a fan of the chevron/zig zag layout, but you're the one who will live with it. ;) The square within square option is lovely, too.

  2. The possibilities are endless with HST's! I just completed another quilt with them! Keep playing with them. Something will hit you just right!

  3. I love the last layout as well....yep...can't get away from the scraps!

  4. Love love love what you have done with them all