Wednesday, September 17, 2014

That's all I have to say about that......

I was the quilter last month for the Nurture circle of the Do. good.stitches circle. I picked this star that has no name as of yet. Summer star, Squash blossom star......It doesn't matter. All the blocks have arrived at my house. I have completed sewing together column 1 and 3, the other two should come together quickly. It needs to get finished and off the floor as we are scheduled to sand the floors this weekend and it will be returned to use as a bedroom.

I also completed my blocks for September do.good.Stitches. Turns out my stash does still need more fabric. It is lacking solids. I almost never buy solids and the ones I do have came from swaps and scrap bags. I am going to redo these with bold colors, red, pink, orange, and purple. To the fabric store! 

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  2. I really like that star! Would you mind sharing where you found the pattern? wannabequilter {at} gmail {dot} com

    1. i posted a tutorial here. i am not sure if it is a new block or if there are other versions of it

  3. It is a cool star. Looks a bit like the aliens/space ships that you used to shoot down on Space Invaders...

  4. I love your color pallet for these!