Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Keep on tinkering.......

I started making HST for this quilt. Originally it was intended to be all blue and low volume fabrics. I didn't have a strong reason as to why but I saw this quilt at Sew Crafty Jess and loved it.

As the stack of HST grew I started adding purple fabrics and playing with the layouts. 

I even tried the crazy no plan lay out that made my eye twitch. We started refinishing our floors last week and I lost my layout area. I have a bad habit of not planning out the number of pieces needed for a quilt and ending up with way too many. I was trying to avoid that and I had no floor space or design wall to work with so I started sewing. I also added green to the mix at some point.

I wasn't paying close enough attention and changed the layout some, so the seems in the colored areas are all running parallel instead of making squares. I think the colors it ended up with look lighter and more youthful. I'm still on the fence so to speak but I am not ripping apart these blocks!

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  1. Your finished quilt is wonderful! It inspires me to see how you can play with this pattern!

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  3. oops! This quilt is looking great.. I love your colour combinations! It's amazing the variations you can get.

  4. This is so eye catching - it makes me feel happy! Beautiful colours!

  5. I love your finished quilt! so happy :)

  6. I wouldn't have guessed the plan kept changing. I love your greens and purples in there with the blue.

  7. I love that purple/blue/green color scheme. I could look at your blocks all day.

  8. Wow you sure got a lot of quilts done, I like your blue/purple modern quilt. I want to stick my toe in and try a modern quilt too. I am here checking out some of Jan's from sew and sow farm followers for her 2nd anniversary giveaway.