Monday, April 15, 2013

April Blogger BOM Federal Edition....

Today is the April installment of Blogger BOM. ( The only things certain in life are death and taxes federal edition!) The presenter today is Tracey of Itching 2 B Stitchin! The block she created is called "Woven Block". It is a great way to use up and highlight your favorite scraps. . Tracey created a great tutorial here on her blog.

Im very excited to get started on this new block, It looks like lots of fun....

As a bit of old business the winner from the April BOM bonus block is 
Giddy99. I will be emailing them sending off the winning pattern.

As always there is a great prize you can enter to win this go round. Since I am super bitter about all the taxes I had to send off to the government I went looking for some fabric to express that. They do not make a disgruntled and taxed print, or if they do they don't carry it at my LQS. This print is the closest thing I could find. It is called a day in the life by Robert Kaufmann. It is a lovely low volume print that pictures all sorts of things that are as fun as paying taxes.To win be a follower and leave a message below if you are getting a big fat check or had to send one off. The winner will be picked on Sunday 4/20/13 and will receive one yard of this print.

Here is a list of all the participants of the BOM
Sept 15th 2012
Carin & Carol
Oct 15th 2012
Nov 15th 2012
Jennifer M
Dec 15th 2012
Jan 15th 2013
Feb 1st 2013
Jennifer I
Feb 15th 2013
Mar 15th 2013
Nicole K
April 1st 2013
Apr 15th 2013
May 15th 2013
June 15th 2013
July 15th 2013
Nicole N
Aug 15th 2013

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  1. THANK YOU! I sent you my info via email! I'm probably not eligible for this giveaway, but in the interest of commiserating about taxes, I had to send $240 to the State of IL for taxes, and I don't even live there! I only worked there about 4-5 months (THIEVES)!

  2. Great fabric!
    I'm in the UK ans things are different here! but I definitely won't be getting a cheque!

  3. I got a big fat check. But I dont consider it a good thing. It just means I paid too much taxes in the first place. this give away is awesome though, thanks for the chance!

  4. I got a check, not a big fat one but at least I didn't have to send them more money. Last year I had to write them a big fat check and hated it.

  5. We got a check, big enough to tag the truck and fix the car, buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.

  6. I'm in the UK so most of my tax is taken on Pay as you earn but I also do some self employed work and I will have to pay tax on that a little later in the year when I complete my tax return.

  7. Hi!!!! At least we didn't have to send a check!!!! Thanks for the fun give away!!!

  8. A little late on this months block but I'm making it now.