Friday, February 27, 2015

Arrrrggggg I found some booty....

I was cleaning up last night. Technically I was searching for fabric to go with this quilt I finished up for my step daughter Gabby. I am looking to make a coordinating pillow case. It is hard to believe that with all the fabric I have, I don't have the right fabric. Or at least I don't have a large enough chunk of blue or red to make a pillow case. I am pretty sure I can find some in my stash but maybe I am being toooooo picky. I am getting no sympathy from my husband on my fabric stash woes. 
 So I was digging in the last couple totes of fabric and crafts that I haven't yet put away and I unearthed some buried treasure, or booty if you will. Some time ago Moda came out with charm packs that were 2.5" square, they called them candy. I got the bright idea to start a swap and call it I want candy. The idea was that you would get 5 partners and you would send each 50 2.5" squares that you had cut from your stash. In the end you would end up with 250 different fabric squares to play with and enjoy. About the same time there was a quilt floating around the interwebs called a scrap vomit quilt.

Although this is not my puppy dog, it is a very cute English Springer Spaniel much like my dog Turkey. So anyway the craze for candy was in, I hosted a swap, and was cutting 2.5" squares out of all my fabrics. At some point the hype died down and I put the squares in a shoe box for a rainy day when I decided what to do with them. Yesterday I stumbled upon the box in question.
Holy scrap! That is a lot of squares! The timing couldn't be better as I am currently working on a triple Irish chain quilt, which turns out to be the basis of a scrap vomit quilt.

So I will be adding these to my quilt of scrappy goodness. But in the meantime I saw something shiny online and decided to try one or two blocks. It is a great way to use up my scraps that are less than 2.5"

Paper pieced Wild & Goosey Blocks. Just like that another WIP is born.

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  1. Holy scraps! I love the little fussy cuts! The dog on the left looks like my son's Cardigan Corgi. I collect sock monkeys. I think you have pieces of my Heavenly scrap stash, LOL.

  2. Wow i just love this idea. I want to re do my sofa covers an i think this is a great idea. It looks so colourful yet trendy. Calling out all my fashionista friends to follow this blog.

  3. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Tik Tok