Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The stars at night are big and bright....

Revisiting a long time WIP that I made some headway on this week. In cleaning and sorting fabrics I found a piece to finish a star that I was short on. I could not for the life of me remember where or when I bought the fabric and I was one tiny piece short. I had about given up when I found an old orphan block that had the missing fabric. Happy as a clam!!!! I started running out of quilt Pati's pieces so I had to start joining some stars.

 On the completed front I finished up the quilt for my step daughter Michelle. I have been trying to get a decent picture of the quilt but the weather has not been cooperating. My husband and I rigged up an interior quilt hanging rod for pictures. 

This quilt goes with this pillow case. One more WIP scratched off the list!


  1. Great quilt and the stars are very pretty. It's always good when you find a piece of fabric you desperately need to finish up a block.

  2. The stars are fantastic, always worth tidying up when you can find things!

  3. So that's why I should keep my orphan blocks...
    Love the stars and the completed quilt for your step daughter!

  4. I am working (v e r y slowly!) on EPPing hexagons from stars, too :-) Wonderful that you found just enough fabric to finish your block!!
    Happy stitching ~ Tracy

  5. Love the quilt for your daughter-in-law! It is a different variation of a layout than I have previously seen. I have been trying to convince my husband to rig up a system like that in our living room. Minnesota winters make it tough to take pictures here.

  6. I like your interior quilt hanging rod. Great idea.