Monday, August 20, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

       The weekends are never long enough, or more likely I try to cram twice as many projects into the weekend as it can hold. I got a lot accomplished this weekend but I still headed to the airport feeling like I had so much left to do. Papa Peach was working 6am-6pm and as usual I planned on getting up when he went to work. This didn't happen and I ended up playing snooze tag until the crack of noon.
       I was able to finish up the flannel rag quilt for baby Cameron. I snipped it last week while I was in Columbus and ran it through the washer when I got home. I love how they end up looking and its a great way to flush out your lint trap. I found two other flannel quilts in progress in the mess I call my office/studio. Here is a picture of the quilt going to baby Cameron this week. I also packed up 40 baby outfits for him and a stuffed camel that we had flea marketed on our trip.
Raggy Front
And the back
        I am also working on a rag quilt for Elizabeth's new foster baby. I got all the squares sewn and now just need to sew them together and snip the seams. I put together a bag of 30 outfits for her as well. I hope to have her quilt finished by next week since it is my last week in Columbus. I will post pictures as it comes along.
       I was able to make some headway on the blogger block of the month front. I have two of the three colors of fabric cut. I need to get the last color finished and the fabric in the mail to the participants. We will be starting up next month come hell or high water. I made a button which you can grab on the side bar and also made a flickr group for the project. More details to follow on this project.
      I finally got the package together for my mom. I have been gathering things for her since I saw her in Virginia for Ian's wedding. We went to a quilt shop in Richmond called Quilting Adventures. This place was awesome and still stands even after my mom and I blew through there. They had so many amazing display quilts I wanted to make them all. I showed great amounts of self restraint and only bought one fat quarter and not the 10 rulers and 20 patterns I wanted. My mom did not show as much restraint and got sucked into buying a pattern by Melly & Me called I come in peace. Here is a picture of the softie she will be making. She promised to send me a copy of the pattern if I would send her some "cosmic" fabrics from my stash. She held up her end of the deal and I have been slacking. So I put together the package of a lot of fabric I have been buying up that made me think of aliens. It just took along time to cut 9x13 pieces of all of them. Thankfully no one piece of the pattern is larger than that and I was able to add the rest to my stash. I also sent her a candle from Warm Glow in Indiana, a pair of Wedgwood Queen's Ware Teacups and a crazy parrot Hawaiian shirt I bought in West Palm Beach and some vintage lace napkins I found during our yard saleing.
I Come In Peace - Melly & Me
Wedgwood Queen's Ware

        I had buyers remorse after not buying the patterns in Virginia and bought a book by Melly & Me called Sewn Toy Tales. I got one for my mom too and a copy of the Farmer's Wife so I can join the quilt along. I am just chomping at the bit waiting for them to come in the mail.
        I ended the weekend on a bus to Chicago surrounded by a planes worth of angry travelers as my flight to Chicago was cancelled. I run into airline drama so often that it no longer phases me. I am truly blessed to have a job that pays me well to skip around the country and supports my very out of control quilting habit. I have a man who loves me in spite of being a quilting widow. He is coming with me next weekend on the ferry across lake Michigan so we can help out with the end of the summer work party with Margaret's Hope Chest and Crazy Mom Quilts (more details here). He was upset I was going for the weekend and didn't invite him (he must have been sleep deprived at the time). I have been so blessed in so many way and want to give back any way I can.

In conclusion, take it from Mick, you can't always get what you want. 

But if you try sometime, you just might get what you need.....

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  1. Lovely post. You do a lot for others. A woman after my own heart! Seriously, 40 outfits? I am stalled at block 25 of the farmers wife but plan on resuming them soon.